4 promises to our customers are particularly important to us:

- We collect fresh milk from 260 local farmers each day
- Quality and food safety are non-negotiable
- Flexibility for advanced customisation
- Innovativeness with our own pilot production line

We collect fresh milk from 260 local farmers each day

80% of our fresh milk comes from cows that live and graze in the meadow from spring to autumn. This guarantees a better quality milk, with more flavour.

Better fats
Studies in Great Britain and the Netherlands have shown that milk from cows that eat more fresh grass contains more better fats than other milk. This gives us the basis for fresh milk with more flavour and of a better quality.

Cows produce fresh milk every day
The vital link between the milk producers throughout the region and the production companies is our milk collection system, a considerable logistical feat. The company responsible for the milk collection within our group, the Belgian Milk Company (BMC), collects the fresh milk daily from 260 dairy farmers in the area. The collection takes place with tank trucks equipped specifically for the collection of milk at farms.

Collect fresh milk The Dairy Food Group
Quality and foodsafety The Dairy Food Group

Quality and food safety are non-negotiable

Quality and food safety are our main priorities. All companies comply with all applicable legislation and HACCP standards.

All production units are also BRC and IFS certified, based on unannounced inspections. This enables us to meet all quality requirements of our customers at all times.

Rigorous quality controls throughout the entire chain
Our own laboratories provide a full quality follow-up throughout the chain: from the raw milk we receive up to the delivery of the finished products.

However, good quality does not result from the work of the quality control department alone, it is a joint effort of all our employees. An absolute focus on quality and food safety is a daily priority for every employee.

Right from the start, when collecting the fresh milk we carry out our inspections. The driver smells the milk to check that it smells good, and then assesses the colour and temperature. At the same time a sample of the milk is taken. An independent quality control station examines the quality of the milk supplied based on that sample.

When storing the fresh milk in large storage tanks on site, another set of samples is taken.

Ultra-modern production lines are equipped with all the necessary precautions, including:

  • Indirect and direct UHT (Ultra High Temperature) product treatment systems
  • Ultra-hygienic and fully sterile filling lines

Flexibility for advanced customisation

Our state-of-the-art production units and well-trained staff enable us to offer cost-efficient flexible solutions for any customer demand. Tailor-made recipes and packaging formats. Flexibility in volumes and product ranges. Fresh (chilled) products with a short shelf life and long-life products (chilled or ambient).

Desserts: The more complex the better
Our production unit Eurodesserts has the most flexible production lines for desserts in Europe. Small production runs of 3 tonnes are an option. Ideal for niche specialities and start-up phases for the launch of new products. Our motto for desserts is: ‘The more complex the better’.

Tailor-made packaging formats
Different type of pots and cans, different diameters, sizes and materials… packaged separately or in multiples (per 2/4/6). Packaging for retail, food service and for the industry!

Taste enjoyment for everyone
We produce a number of organic products, certified under the European Organic label.
Lactose-free and milk-free vegetarian recipes are also an option.

customisation The Dairy Food Group
Pilotplant The Dairy Food Group

Innovativeness with our own pilot production line

Our experienced R&D team closely monitors all trends in general food design, and specifically in dairy products and dairy-free alternatives. They are continuously creating and developing new recipes and products, often in co-creation with our clients, private label customers of dairy and dairy-free alternatives, and food producers. Our own pilot plant allows us to work quickly and in a result-oriented way.

Prominent trends within the dairy industry
We are seeing the following 4 general trends within the dairy industry:

  • Healthy and tasty treats
  • Alternatives for milk:
  • Lactose-free and milk-free plant-based recipes are on the rise worldwide
  • Nutritional dairy drinks for on-the-go and in-between
  • Pure and organic diary, and clean label products:
  • No added sugars
  • No added preservatives
  • No colourants

… 4 areas in which our product developers feel at home…

Do you have a specific requirement? Tell us and we will get onto it together!