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We pick up fresh milk from 260 local farmers each day

Cows produce fresh milk every day

Our production units need milk every day. The vital link between the milk producers throughout the region and the production companies is our milk collection system, a considerable logistical feat.

The company responsible for the milk collection within our group, the Belgian Milk Company (BMC), collects the fresh milk daily from the dairy farmers.
The collection takes place with tank trucks equipped specifically for the collection of milk at farms.

Collection schedules

The collection schedules are drawn up for optimal logistical efficiency, taking into account the expected milk production of the farmers, the demand for milk at the factories and the optimal capacity of the tank trucks.

This is a logistical feat of huge proportions, as the milk demand at the processing companies varies throughout the week and throughout the year. Moreover, the milk production of the cows also varies per season.

The BMC has created its own digital platform where each dairy farmer can access all the information of his own milk deliveries.

Rigorous quality control

It all becomes a little more complicated because while milk may be milk, not all milk is the same.
When the driver arrives at the dairy farm, he first smells the milk to check that it smells good, and then assesses the colour and temperature. The milk is then pumped into the tank truck. At the same time a sample of the milk is taken. An independent quality control station examines the quality of the milk supplied based on that sample. This process forms part of our rigorous quality control system throughout the entire chain. The farmer can also use this quality data for his own business management.

The tank trucks take the fresh milk to large storage tanks at our site in Zonhoven.

At that time more samples are taken of the milk and these samples are analysed by our own laboratory to verify the composition and the quality of the milk.

Thorough cleaning

After unloading the milk the inside of the tank trucks is always thoroughly cleaned. Hygiene is a basic condition in the production chain of fresh milk.


Belgian Milk Company (BMC)
Genkerbaan 75

Tel: +32 (0)11 81 91 20
Email address: info(at)limelco.be


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Daily quality control


Storage tanks for fresh milk